We will be more than happy to give you the contact information for some of our currently enrolled families who'll give you the story from their perspective. Here are some of our former client testimonials.


"My son absolutely loves Miss Martha at Petite Scholars. Each morning he wakes up to ask if he can go! I considered many different preschool options and this was by far and away the best kept secret and best fit for us. I am picky being a veteran teacher and I wanted a place where learning is fun with small groups of children with one highly qualified teacher so there is consistency and love. I wanted my son to love preschool and be engaged in meaningful activities. My son is flourishing. He has been delayed in speech, and I am overwhelmed with his improvement already. I considered several options, but I found that most places had lots of turnover and the employees were early twenties with little experience. What struck me about Martha was that she was a credentialed teacher who chose to stay at home with her children and when it was time to go back to work she decided to bring all her experiences and strengths to an in-home preschool/daycare.

She is positive with high energy and creativity." Jennifer W. 


"My grandson Gabriel, started with Ms. Martha at the age of 31/2 years old. He attended the preschool three days per week. He is five years old as of January 2013. I want you to know I raised 3 of my own children, and did not find the quality that we have come to expect in a preschool. Ms. Martha's home is clean, but also warm and comforting to the children. She is kind and I can always tell how much she cares about the well-being of the children in her care. I am amazed at the teaching, that Ms. Martha provides to each child. Gabriel knew his alphabet, but did not know his letters or numbers by visual recognition when he first started. In a short time, not only did he know his letters and numbers, he knew the sounds of each letter as well. By the end of the first year, he was reading basic books, could count to 100, and could do simple addition." Joan O.


"Martha, I like to thank you for giving Mason a better start to his experience with school than we could have ever expected. The most valuable thing you have offered to him is a chance to LOVE learning. You have clearly instilled in him a love of school by making learning so much fun. Whenever there is an opportunity for him to go extra days we give him the choice, and he always can't wait to get back by you. In the year and a half that Mason has come to Petite Scholars you have introduced him to so much more than the usual socialization skills ABCs, numbers and basic art other preschools offer. I am so happy Mason has had the chance to enjoy these while in your house. All of this is just icing on the cake of phonics and reading. The fact that Mason is entering kindergarten reading well into first grade level blows me away." Kristin R. 


"Martha, I can't begin to thank you enough for all you have done for Samantha since she has been at Petite Scholars, I knew that finding a pres-school that met my high standards would be next to impossible. I knew I wanted a place with structure, creative learning opportunities, and a feeling of "home." You have met and exceeded any expectations I had for Samantha's early education. Your dedication and love for what you do is evident in every project, activity, meal and lesson you do at school. The activities you offer at Petite Scholars could not be matched anywhere else. Samantha has truly flourished in your care and as a parent it means so much to be able to trust someone with your child's care and education. I know Sami will have the fondest memories of her time with you, and Kevin and I will always remember the day I found you. We look forward to the years Sophia will spend with you in the future and thank you again for your loving care of our daughter!!!" Christi and Kevin A.


"The time my daughter was with Martha Duran was well spent. Every day she had a solid nap, healthy food, fun and engaging activities, and--on top of all this, she learned to read by the time she was four. Ms. Duran created the best preschool/daycare experience any of my kids ever had and I highly recommend her." Christina P.


"A move to Folsom from Sacramento in 2013 brought us to Petite Scholar (recommended to us by a good friend). I enrolled my 3 and 4 year old little boys and in just about five WEEKS, both of my boys learned to read their first words. By the time we left in 2014, both boys were reading well beyond their age level, doing simple addition and subtraction (up to 3 digits), counting to 100 in English, counting to 30 in Spanish and comprehending the books they were reading. Martha was able to draw out my introverted oldest child and capture the attention of my extroverted youngest child and encourage their natural curiosity and love of learning. I recommend Petite Scholar and Martha Duran without reservation if you are looking to give your child a rich learning experience." Sherri M.


"We love Petite Scholars! They have a 1:6 ratio, and that one is one in a million. Within the first week, my 4 year old, who had pre-reading skills going in, was reading books. She is now counting to 30+ in Spanish, doing addition and subtraction, writing sentences, and eating healthier foods because of her teacher's influence. My 3 year old son, who has very high energy and curiosity, is blending words, writing independently, and doing math. I cannot believe how much my children have learned in just 4 months, and I'm happy that they will be prepared for any Kindergarten / Elementary school of our choice. What's more, my children are relaxed and truly enjoy school. This is a fun, engaging, academic environment." Rachel N.


"When my son started less than a year ago, he was beginning to learn his ABC's. Ms. Martha used fun physical play and repetition to help him recognize his letters & learn phonics. Now, he is 4 years old, he has started reading books and can read Dr. Seuss books to us. Ms. Martha takes the time to work with each student on a 1:1 basis each day, as well as, group learning sessions. Ms. Martha's goal is to have her graduating students be able to read independently and enjoy books, master basic math skills, and develop into responsible, confident children. She believes mastering these skills gives them confidence that continues into kindergarten and beyond." Laura M. 


"Petite Scholar in Folsom is definitely a very good preschool. My son was able to read books and write his ABCs before he joined kindergarten and this is true for all the students that I know of. It is a testament that she has a structured curriculum that is very effective for toddlers. They also spend time doing handicrafts which helps motor skills and hand eye coordination." Ching H.


"My daughter was 3 years 3 months old when she began attending Petite Scholars. In the very short six months she has been with Ms. Martha, she has evolved into a polite, well-mannered, and scholastically-driven young lady. My daughter has made many friends at school whom she has grown to truly love and care for. Clearly, the feeling is mutual among all of the children. The children are taught to be kind to one-another through their daily interactions. "yes, please," "no thank you" and "excuse me" have become a standard component of her vocabulary." Aneeta S.


"Martha Duran runs a loving, fun, playful and educational in-home preschool. A friend of mine convinced me to seriously consider an in-home preschool because they are more personal and reasonably priced. An added bonus is the smaller class size. Less kids means less illness and that has definitely been true for us. I found Petite Scholars at the Sierra Mom's preschool faire in January. I took a tour and fell in love. She has dedicated the whole downstairs of her two story house to the children. Her beautiful backyard was teaming with flowers, fruit trees, hummingbirds, butterflies-she even has chickens in a coop! She regularly gardens with the children, they learn the life cycle of a plant, fill bird feeders, do art projects and even do their lessons outside on nice days. She has little lounging areas out there for them to rest with books and a miniature tea house. She has racks and racks of books, and fun toys everywhere." Jessica R.


"If you are asking yourself: Is Petite Scholars right for my child? The answer is YES! Petite Scholars is more than just "child care" - this is an investment on your child's future education! Our son did not have any education prior to attending Petite Scholars; he wasn't even fully potty trained...Within two weeks our son was able to write, recognize letters, shapes, numbers, sounds of the letters, and was fully potty trained. I admit, the first week was a little rough, but remember that my child was not exposed to real education yet. So of course, there was a little resistance and the all too familiar "I don't want to go!" or " I don't like it!" - But please do not give into it! Ms. Martha is well worth it! Our son is now able to read a full book on his own and able to do simple math-adding, subtracting and he's only 4 years old! No parent wants their child to be unprepared for their first day of school, so why not give them the advantage of a life time? Say Yes! If you need further evidence or just have questions, please feel free to contact me. I am more than happy to share any additional information you may need." Theresa T.


"My Grandson went to Ms Martha's when he was 3. It was the best possible start he could have had. He learned so much including reading, simple math, they grew food, they learned about archeology, and little bit of Spanish. He developed good social skills. Ms Martha was patient and kind. Every kid should have a preschool beginning like Drew. He loved going there and has wanted to visit her since." Arlene F.


"I started my son at Petite Scholars when he was 3 years old and I wish I had known about this wonderful place sooner. Previously my son was attending a larger preschool in Folsom and after getting sick with many different illnesses in a short period time, I knew it was time for a change. Petite Scholars was recommended to me by a friend who's daughter was currently attending. Martha runs the preschool out of her home in which her entire downstairs area is converted to a preschool. After the first week of having my son attend, I knew I had made the right decision." Brea V.


"We have been very happy with Ms. Martha Duran and all that she has done for our 4 year old daughter Kailyn (as well as our son a few year ago). Kailyn started to read last year with Ms. Martha. She has learned math concepts, done creative art projects, participated in exercise programs, danced, played in the beautiful backyard, learned about gardening, just to name a few wonderful activities Ms. Martha does with her students. Kailyn takes regular naps and eats healthy food there as well. Ms. Martha also cares for each student and treats them like her own." Doug P. 


"When we first walked into Petite Scholars it was very clear that the environment was the right fit for our son. I will never forget the first impression. I thought of Ms. Martha like a child whisperer; she just gets them in a way that seems almost magical. She is good at nurturing what children are naturally talented at, so they can excel in areas they are interested in. She understands that each child is different, but that consistency of routine helps children feel secure. We had a highly active, four year old boy who was super hyper when we enrolled him at Petite Scholars in 2012. After 6 months of seeing our son improve at Petite Scholars we decided to go from 3 times a week to a full 5 days a week. Teachers like Ms. Martha are far and few between and I highly recommend her. If you speak with anyone who has had a child at Ms. Martha's they'll probably tell you that their kid is the smartest in their class. That is exactly what happened when we checked her references.."Guiliane B. 


"What can I say about Ms Martha? She is the best and worth every penny!! I had tried several good name schools in the area when I moved to Folsom. All to keep my little boy sick. I was so happy to find Ms Martha at last. Her preschool is clean, organized and very well structured. I started my son only part time not knowing how he would do. But, soon enough we saw such a huge progress in him both emotionally and academically. We became full time just after a month. My son is now in Kindergarten and his teachers love him. I am planning to send my younger one there when he is ready! I would recommend her preschool without any hesitation." Ruchi A.  

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At Petite Scholars, your preschooler will develop friendships, explore, create, garden, develop phonemic awareness and reading skills. We do not focus just on academics. Petite Scholars offers a rich learning environment that will help children develop a love of learning, manners, listening skills, and more. 


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