We are dedicated to providing a nurturing environment in which each child gains the confidence to explore and discover their world. Petite Scholars offers exceptional child daycare, early preschool and the very best kindergarten preparation to children ages 3 to 5 years of age. Your child will develop skills physically, linguistically, intellectually, socially, and emotionally. At Petite Scholars Preschool, in Folsom, California, we instill a lifetime love of learning in the future leaders of our society while providing  the best possible care.

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Petite scholars is an all day, science and nature based preschool, in Folsom, CA, with an ideal balance of academics and social play. We teach all lessons through the arts and every lesson has a hands-on-component. We provide children with academic excellence, utmost care, understanding, guidance, respect, and a beautiful and safe environment that is accessible, comfortable and as nurturing as their own home. We feature low ratio classes of six children to one credentialed teacher. 



We provide well-defined, accessible learning centers with a wide variety of contents (e.g., a library center that includes a range of materials, including big books, picture books, books with words for adults to read, books on many topics,  and so on; a block center that includes many different kinds of building materials, such as large unit blocks, hollow blocks, vehicles, street signs, dolls, tape measures, rulers, etc.)

The garden centers accommodate active and quiet activities (e.g., the garden bed, hammock, swinging couch and face to face harbor may be for children that want to read alone or partner read with their friends, quietly rest, listen to a book read by an adult, or listen to music. Thesand box, construction & mechanics center and the block area may encourage movement and discussion related to the planning and completion of projects). The puppetry theater, house keeping area, dramatic play center and

the English Play house encourage make believe play.
We have created a literacy-rich environment through a variety of print, audio, video, and electronic media.  The twelve learning centers allow children easy access to an ample supply of materials that are appropriate to a range of developmental levels and interests.

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